Outdoor Kitchen Concrete Countertops & Other Options

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Concrete Countertops

Concrete outdoor countertops are very durable for outdoor kitchens. Concrete kitchen countertops can be a multitude of colours and finishes and it is easy to integrate fun things into the concrete counter from glass and seashells to lighting effects.

Pour-In-Place Concrete Countertops

One of the advantages of a concrete countertop is that it can be built in place. Pour-in-place concrete countertops can be a far more cost effective alternative for an outdoor kitchen countertop.

An outdoor kitchen countertop does not have to have the same look and feel as an interior countertop, and a pour-in-place countertop typically blends very well into an outdoor environment. Once the outdoor concrete countertop is poured it is usually treated with a heat and UV resistant urethane.

Granite, Stone, Engineered & Tile Countertops

Granite outdoor countertops stand up well to the elements, resists stains and fading in the sun. If you prefer the matte finish of other stones have granite honed, instead of polished.

Porous stone like marble, limestone, bluestone and soapstone may look great at first, but you may be left with counters stained by grease or wine.

Frost proof tile countertops are cost effective but a freeze-thaw cycle puts the grout and tiles at risk of cracking. Engineered countertops can fade and some are prone to stains, burns and scratches and topcoat resins can turn yellow in the sun.

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