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Getting Started

The Toronto backyard for many homeowners, has now become an extension of their living space. Outdoor Kitchens are growing fast in popularity in Toronto and surrounding areas with its almost sub tropical summers, and enjoy one of the highest Returns On Investment in the Toronto residential construction market.

Outdoor Kitchens have many different options in both design, construction and Outdoor Kitchen appliance selection. The Toronto Outdoor Kitchen website was designed to conveniently let you view some of the many different aspects of this Outdoor Living Industry.

Step 1. 

Review the website for Design Ideas and Options to give you some idea of the Outdoor Kitchen you want.

Step 2.

Generating a Free Conceptual Design. Give us a call, we will listen to your ideas and guide them with our own expertise in the Outdoor Kitchen Industry, and then generate a 3D conceptual drawing of your project.

You can send us a sketch of your outdoor space with a few basic measurements, or we can use scalable Google Earth Images, where possible. Toronto Outdoor Kitchens would also be glad to set up a site visit of your outdoor space. It is a Free No Obligation 3D drawing, no gimmicks, so give us a call today.

Step 3.

After you have reviewed your Free Outdoor Kitchen design, give us a call back, and we will guide and advise on the cost to implement that design or something similar. Our priority is giving you the Outdoor Kitchen you want, at a price you can afford.

Time Frame

After our customers have selected a design, it usually takes about 6 - 8  weeks to go from Free Design to Install depending on a customers choice of options. There is no better time than now, for a Free Outdoor Kitchen Design.

Basic Design Considerations

Hot Areas

Grills, Burners, Outdoor Pizza Ovens, Outdoor Warming Drawers, Outdoor Vent Hoods, Outdoor Dishwashers, Infra-Red Heating and Gas Fireplaces.

Cold Areas & Bars

Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine Chillers, Sinks, Ice Reservoirs, Cocktail Stations, Beverage Coolers, Beverage Refrigerators, Beer Taps and Ice Machines.

Storage Areas

Dry Storage

Cabinets and drawers

Trash / Garbage

Prep Area


Shade and Wind

Consider sun movement over your outdoor space when locating appliances.

Prevailing winds could determine best grill locations.


Location & ROI

Distance from interior kitchen to outdoor kitchen.

Other outdoor features - swimming pool etc.

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