Outdoor Beer Taps & Cocktail Stations

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Outdoor Kichen Beer Taps

Beer on tap is a popular choice for an Outdoor Kitchen bar since it is fresher and more flavourful usually than beer from a bottle or can. Friends and family will come to your outdoor kitchen bar to try a latest selection of draft keg beer, the draft beer taps can easily connect to an outdoor keg refrigerator.

There will also be cold beer on tap for those unexpected occasions. Keg beer is also more economical and many stores and craft breweries will deliver and connect kegs free of charge.

Outdoor Kitchen Cocktail Stations

Outdoor Cocktail Stations usually have a stainless steel sink and faucet and an optional water filtration system. They are designed to keep juices, wines, chopped lemons, limes etc. chilled. An insulated ice bin with cover holds ice for extended periods of time; other features can include drain board, cutting board and built-in bottle openers.

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