Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting

The obvious advantage to outdoor lighting is the enhancement to your outdoor kitchen’s appearance. The illumination makes your outdoor kitchen stand out; well designed and correctly installed outdoor lighting can increase the value of your property.

For illuminating Outdoor Kitchens the lighting can be mounted into the Outdoor Kitchen framing with exterior puck lights or rope lighting as an inexpensive option. Lighting can also be attached to pergolas for excellent task lighting at night and to illuminate other areas of your outdoor living space.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Options

Outdoor Wall Lighting, both lanterns and sconces enhance a home's appeal and landscaping by providing a source of indirect uplighting and downlighting.

Lanterns and Torches add a festive outdoor lighting element to your outdoor living space. There are many good safe LED options available.

Outdoor Cove Lighting
 can be used to highlight swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, fountains, outdoor living areas, landscaping, outdoor architectural features, signs, and outdoor walkways. Hidden strips, often containing long-lasting LED bulbs, allow for endless possibilities.

Landscape Lighting

 showcases plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Small spotlights are common for landscape lighting as they do not compete with plants for attention. Landscape lights can also be used to highlight architectural features like columns.

Outdoor Hanging Lights and pendant lights add an interesting design element and provide task lighting as well. They are available in a wide variety of materials, colours, and styles to add a dose of charm to an outdoor living space or front entry.

Post Lanterns and post lights are commonly found around pools, patios, and in backyards that are used for entertaining.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights also known as outdoor flush mount fixtures work well in an entryway, porch, patio or overhang and are best for low ceilings.

Deck and Step Lights illuminate walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and pool edges. Installed low to the ground, path lights literally light the way for safety and security.

Flood Lights offer maximum safety and security, flood lights cast light across a wide area, discouraging intruders and making the yard well-lit for nighttime outdoor fun.

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