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Built-In Outdoor Kitchen Grills

Your grill will be the heart of your outdoor kitchen, everything else is usually just an accessory to maximize its use. You should give careful consideration to your built in grill
budget and buy the best you can afford.

With Outdoor Kitchen built-in grills, bigger is better. The more space you have, the more options you have. With a larger built-in grill you can cook different foods with the different temperatures and for the correct length of time. It can be frustrating to cook in shifts and to have food getting cold while you wait for another to finish cooking.

The temperature range indicates how versatile the grill is. The higher the range the better the grill is at cooking a variety of foods. Many construction considerations also address safety concerns, the greater the distance between the grates and burners the fewer the sustained flare-ups.

Many quality built-in grills also have the option of using indirect heat to slow cook and very high heat to sear. Infrared burners typically emit intense heat to sear and cook food. BTU’s (British thermal units per hour) tell you how much gas a grill uses and the heat it can create.

Stainless steel built in grills with seamless construction and welded joints are usually the best built in grills for return on investment. A built in grill should be made of 300 series steel, 304 is common. Cheaper steel stains and rusts and even coated steel or aluminum will not last long.

Grill burners are typically a grill's most replaced part. Quality grills have burners with a warranty of 10 years and should last much longer than basic steel burners. Your Outdoor Kitchen Investment will last much longer with quality products.

Outdoor Kitchen Side Burners

Anything you can cook or keep warm on an indoor stove can be done on an outdoor kitchen side burner. Infrared side burners with high BTU’s can also be used to sear food.

Outdoor Kitchen Warming Drawers

Outdoor Kitchen warming drawers almost all come with humidity control vents which control airflow and these appliances can keep most food outside warm, moist, crisp and tender for hours. A warming drawer uses about a quarter of the power that an electric oven would typically use to heat food.

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